For three endless days and nights, we were pinned at nearly 17,000 feet on the face of Denali.  A ruthless blizzard dumped foot after foot of snow on us.  With wind chill temperatures falling to ninety below zero and avalanches hitting us and burying our tents every ninety minutes like clockwork, we were less than comfortable.  It was then my vow was issued:  "My next big climb would begin where the breeze was gentle and warm and the first step would be taken in warm sand with the sound of surf filling my senses."

Soon after the return from Alaska, sailing vessel Tempest was christened and we set out for Mexico.  It wasn't long before she became the mainstay of a new, relaxed, rejuvenating life-style.  From time-to-time, we see snow capped mountains as we sail miles from shore.  No need to climb their heights.  We've been there.  Now we're here.  And here is a good place to be. 


You're going to be a guest on the Tempest?  Here's the instruction manual in MS-Word format.  Click here.